Borrow My Dress: The Best Dress Styles for The Summer

Summer is coming up soon, and with summer comes beach parties, lawn parties, and other fun outdoor activities. Getting dressed up for the summer involves finding the right outfit. Picking out the right style for the summer may take some research.

Luckily, Borrow My Dress has many options that are ideal for the summer. We’ve also compiled a list of dress styles that are ideal for summer activities, with reasons why. Read on to learn more.

Mini Dress

The mini dress has a length that ends above the knee but is below mid-thigh. They’re a favourite of the summer crowd because of its short length, which can be a boon during the hot summer days. The mini dress is ideal for outings and for events where a lot of movement will be expected, like at a beach or along the boardwalk. Choose the mini dress if you think you’re going to have to do a lot of moving around at the event you’re going.

Midi Dress

The midi dress is below the knee but above the ankle. It is most frequently described as a dress that hits mid-calf. The conservative length of the skirt is the perfect compromise for people who want to show off a little leg without sacrificing comfort. The dress is also ideal for brunches, mid-afternoon parties, and cocktail activities. Pick the midi dress if you’re going someplace that’s not too fancy, but still likely to pick up on occasion.

Maxi Dress

Not all summer outfits need to showcase a lot of skin. The maxi dress is an ankle-to-floor-length dress that’s usually form-fitting at the top and flowing from the waist down. The maxi dress comes in sleeved and sleeveless versions, which makes it ideal for evening events without being too restrictive. If you’re having an evening event or going somewhere that may get chilly or windy, choose the maxi dress for a classy but fun look.

Going out for the summer? Borrow My Dress has many options that are ideal for day and night outfits. Visit today.

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