Borrow My Dress Allows You to Dress Elegantly at Weddings Amidst the Pandemic

If you tell a bride- and groom-to-be that they have to indefinitely postpone their wedding because of a pandemic, you might as well tell them that the world will end. All those months of planning for the engagement party, the wedding gown, the flowers, decors, food, and not to mention the restaurant/hotel/resort venue, will all this come to naught? 


But, as many newlyweds have shown and proven, it’s not about the wedding. It’s all about the celebration, even if it has to be scaled down and those in attendance will be limited only to family members, at least 20 guests at best. And so, the wedding celebration goes on, which means the bride and groom, and everyone else, needs to dress elegantly because this is still a once-in-a-lifetime celebration, pandemic or no pandemic.


Re-Planning the Wedding

The pandemic situation certainly poses many challenges in re-planning a wedding, none bigger than the pandemic itself. Naturally, everything has to be scaled down, starting with the number of guests, which means a smaller venue, less food, fewer decors, etc. Just getting from one place to another for the preparations will be a challenge, and some things will have to be done with online conferencing. Of course, during the wedding, safety and health protocols have to be strictly enforced for the safety of everyone.


The Wedding Outfit

Since church weddings are out of the question, civil weddings done at the venue will mean gowns and outfits with less show and cloth, but still look elegant nonetheless. You’ll also be surprised that many clothing rentals carry a range of elegant accessories for all occasions, including weddings. You can even ask the rentals if they have a line of jewellery rentals. You might be surprised.


Borrow My Dress

Since the wedding will go on, everyone can find their elegant dress and outfit from Borrow My Dress. You can look your elegant best at your wedding without having to worry about outfitting since everything can be done virtually or one-on-one, with all the safety precautions. Borrow My Dress is a dress rental service that can send your dress through the post, or for pickup at our showroom. Visit our site at and borrow a dress today.

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