Borrow My Dress: How to Wear or Style a Maxi Skirt

A maxi skirt is something that every lady can wear anywhere, whether at work, for a night out, shopping, or even just going to the grocery. You don’t even have to buy maxi skirts to add to your wardrobe; you can simply find a dress rental service (such as Borrow My Dress) and save money. When styled correctly, maxi skirts can suit a range of occasions and for every season. Here are some maxi skirt styles and suggestions.

Maxi skirt with crop tops

Long skirts or maxi skirts come in all sizes, shapes, prints, and colours. The golden rule with a maxi skirt is “less is more.” If your skirt is floral or patterned, wear a solid top so your skirt will stand out. If your skirt is solid-coloured, wear a graphic t-shirt or nettop.

Maxi skirts with black tops

Simply, if you’re wearing a white maxi skirt, pair it with a black or metallic top. This combination is great when going out at night. If you’re wearing a black maxi skirt, do the opposite.

White tops for any coloured maxi skirt

White tops look great when paired with any coloured maxi skirt, and when going out during the day. You can even do this with floral, printed, and striped skirts.

Using a shirt top

A casual white shirt always looks good when paired with any maxi skirt, be it plain, printed, or stripped. This is the outfit you can wear at work, to a party, or when visiting relatives. 

Other tips for maxi skirts

  • Always wear the correct footwear when wearing maxi skirts.
  • Don’t wear printed skirts and tops at the same time.
  • Never wear revealing maxi skirts at work or formal affairs.
  • Don’t wear skirts that are too baggy or too tight.
  • Keep it simple and wear minimal accessories.

Gown for Hire by Borrow My Dress

Looking good with maxi skirts is easy and doesn’t need to be expensive when you call a dress rental service such as Borrow My Dress. You can choose from a wide array of designs from Australian and International designers and their collections. You can then have your selected dress sent through the post or for pickup at our showroom. Call us now on 0468996995 or click on

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