Borrow My Dress Shows You What to Wear for Christmas 2020

Everyone is looking forward to Christmas, especially since the year has been a rocky one due to lockdowns and quarantines. Now that establishments are going back to almost normal, we can slowly enjoy the outdoors and friendly gatherings. Although we are still a month away from the holidays, we can start preparing our party outfits as early as today.


Borrow My Dress’ Popular Christmas Party Dresses of 2020


This holiday season, you are likely to attend at least more than one event. Consider choosing from a number of the trendiest Christmas dresses this year.


Colour-blocking evening gown


A long, formal dress with a simple cut and has two or more contrasting hues. You can go for warm, fun colours with hints of orange or cool and earthy colours like a brown, purple, and burgundy gradient.  


Black dress


A tiny black dress fits almost all occasions, including a Christmas celebration. Some people are afraid to wear black as it might be too dull. The trick is to accessorise! Pair your black dress with a pair of classy earrings, a stunning hairstyle, and high heels.


Festive midi dress


If you want your dress to speak for itself, then a sequined or velvet midi dress can do just that. Easily stand out from the crowd when you choose a vibrant colour like red, silver, or purple. Remember to not over accessorise to avoid overpowering your already-dazzling outfit.


Borrow My Dress


Be the belle of the ball and try these dress ideas for the coming Christmas parties. If you do not have the budget for a new dress, trying renting one at Borrow My Dress. You can book online or come by our shop at Level 1, Suite 2, 519 King Georges Rd, Beverly Hills 2209. We anywhere in Australia, and you only need to return them by post or drop by our showroom –no dry-cleaning needed. Why buy a dress when you can rent one? Visit us at today.

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