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Borrow My Dress

Australia is anything but mundane. One of the advantages of living in Australia is that you’ll always have something extraordinary to do – be it outdoor activities situated in the wild, on a safari, in the desert, and even in the snow. The continent is packed with hundreds of exciting activities to attend. And that includes music festivities. But with the number of concerts to go in a single year, how could your outfit keep up? Luckily, Borrow My Dress is here to the rescue.


The Emerald City

Australia has over 300 concerts that are held every year, including Download Festival, Splendour in the Grass, Ultra Australia, Rainbow Serpent, Golden Plains, and Pitch Festival. As a party-goer and a fashionista, it’s always crucial to wear your best during these types of outings. To acquire the latest trends in apparel, we offer you a smart way to keep up with your party adventures. Borrow My Dress is a dress rental service company situated in Sydney.


Borrow My Dress’s List Of Best Outfit Styles for Music Festivals:


Bohemian Chic – “Boho” for short, is a type of outfit that may also look like the hippies or the bohemian homeless people of the 1960s. An adaptation of a nomadic look with worn-out clothes and modest lifestyle, the Boho Chic trends of this century has a cross-generation style that can consist of pieces that are described as simple, mixed with a bit of formal. For example, an embroidered tunic, a kaftan dress or oversized dresses with soft and natural fabrics.


Punk Glam –  usually worn during night raves, punk glam is ideal for independent women with a strong personality. This can also be associated with grunge. A standard punk glam apparel consists of skin-tight clothes, leather jacket and/or jeans with metal studs paired with black boots.


Bold and Beautiful – neon coloured outfits that contrast skin colour. Often matched with trendy braids and hair knots. Form-fitting clothes made from neoprene fabrics or any breathable cloth ideal to keep air ventilation during outdoor activities.


Borrow My Dress

Borrow My Dress is a reliable shop that offers you chic party dresses to wear on any casual and formal events. We can even help you pick an outfit too. Rest-assured your look is going to be the talk of the neighbourhood with the aid of our experienced fashion stylists. 

So, what are you waiting for? Visit our gallery through our website at right now and start selecting your dream outfit.

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