Dress Rental Service: 1920s-Inspired Evening Dresses

woman in pearls and 1920s-style dress

The decade of the 1920s is called the “Roaring Twenties.” This period is depicted in “The Great Gatsby” films. It’s the era between the end of World War One and before the Great Depression wherein women began putting more effort into clothes and fashion. These clothes, including evening and cocktail dresses, became more form-fitting and…

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Borrow My Dress: How to Wear or Style a Maxi Skirt

woman in light pink skirt

A maxi skirt is something that every lady can wear anywhere, whether at work, for a night out, shopping, or even just going to the grocery. You don’t even have to buy maxi skirts to add to your wardrobe; you can simply find a dress rental service (such as Borrow My Dress) and save money.…

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Rent a Dress and Learn How to Style a Lace Dress

white lace dress on a hanger

Historically, lace, as we know it now, probably was discovered around the 16th Century and was probably first used as fishing and other animal nets before people began using it as dresses. However, instead of going out to buy a lace dress for an occasion, why not rent a lace dress not just for a…

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Borrow My Dress: Last-Minute Party Outfits

four young ladies having fun in a sunflower field

Did a friend call for a last-minute party invitation? There are five easy outfit ideas you can quickly turn to. No need to go scrambling around for a challenging last-minute outfit. You can dance the night away easy even if your crush is at the party because you’ll be at the party in glam style.…

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Dress Rental Service: The White Dress

smiling woman in a white dress

Brides aren’t the only ones who can wear a white dress. Anyone in any season can wear the ubiquitous white dress, be it winter, spring, summer, or autumn. While it’s nice to wear those colours and shades, occasionally it’s great to go out in a simple but elegant white dress. But instead of shopping around…

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Rent a Dress, Particularly, a Red Dress

woman in red dress lying in a bed of flowers

The sexy red dress, even when conservatively designed, can still ooze out sexiness for any wearer. Of course, the “Red Dress Effect” has something to do with colour psychology. Red is a good colour for women because it represents confidence, energy, independence, and competence. So, if you’re all of this and more, the next time…

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The Dress Rental Service: A Growing, Trending Industry

woman shopping for clothes

Last year was mostly about strict quarantine and lockdown measures due to the pandemic. Yet, experts saw a significant rise in online shopping and demand in delivery service. For the dress rental business, this was huge as well. The online rental industry is seen going nowhere but up. The number of people shopping and opting…

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Borrow My Dress Shows You What to Wear for Christmas 2020

borrow my dress

Everyone is looking forward to Christmas, especially since the year has been a rocky one due to lockdowns and quarantines. Now that establishments are going back to almost normal, we can slowly enjoy the outdoors and friendly gatherings. Although we are still a month away from the holidays, we can start preparing our party outfits…

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