Dress Rental Service: A Closer Look at Spring Floral Dresses and Styles

Even though we can’t get dressed up for medium to large events, gatherings, and occasions, we can still get dressed at home or on the rare occasions we leave the house like going to the groceries. Now that lockdown protocols are slowly easing off, we can even get dressed at least once a week. And what better way to dress up than to wear cute spring floral dresses. After all, we’re officially still in spring. Instead of buying a lot of floral dresses, why not get a dress rental service, which is less costly, so you have more choices.

Here are some times for wearing floral prints 

Styling those floral dresses: Choosing a flattering print

The collection for floral prints is vast, so choosing one that is flattering to your body and style is essential. For instance, larger flower prints are complementary to petite body types. Oversized floral patterns for shapely women may add more pounds to the body silhouette. Smaller flowers and floral designs also give a more solid colour impression to average and voluptuous body types.


The host background colour of any floral dress is essential. White backgrounds are ideal for concealing body bulges. Darker backgrounds give a more tailored and tapered look.


Pair floral dresses with neutral colours

What you pair with your floral dress can also be pivotal to your look. Neutral colours like black, beige, white, nude, and silver compliment floral patterns and are usual staples at dress rental service shops such as Borrow My Dress, aside from the extensive collection of floral dresses.


Select neutral shades when wearing shoes, jewellery, and for your bag. 


Be daring with pattern mixing and clashes

If you’re feeling that edgy sex appeal when leaving the house, you can go for some pattern mixing and splashes. Pattern mixing and clashing are acceptable and always appears trendy and stylish. For instance, pair your floral dress with any accessory with bold stripes. You can also choose accessories that match a particular colour in your floral pattern. You can do the same with belts for your floral dress.


Borrow My Dress

Why buy a new wardrobe of spring floral dresses when you can rent. Borrow My Dress is a dress rental service that provides a wide variety of choice designer rental clothing for any occasion, even if you decide to just wear a floral dress once a week at home or during your Zoom meetings. All rental dresses at Borrow My Dress are from select Australian and international fashion designers. Call us now at 0468996995 or visit our site at https://gownforhire.com/.

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