Dress Rental Service: The Dos and Don’ts of Wearing a Short Dress

You’ll be surprised how many women don’t know how to handle wearing a short dress or mini-skirt. If this is your first time to try wearing a short dress, all you need are these do’s and don’ts so you can feel carefree and stylish all day long.

Do wear shorts under your dress

Short dresses are prone to windy days, snagging, or when bending down too far; addressing this is simply to wear cycling shorts or boy shorts under the dress. It hides away your underwear, and you feel comfortable under the dress.

Don’t wear too many accessories

Your legs are the central focus when wearing a short dress. Allow your legs to be the centre of attraction by keeping accessories simple or minimal.

Do balance the leg show

Since your short dress will show off a lot of your legs, keep other body parts covered. Go for a short dress with long sleeves. Or pair a sleeveless dress with a long-sleeved shirt or long sleeve turtleneck.

Do moisturise your legs

Dry legs are a big turn off while wearing a short dress. Make sure your legs are well-groomed, and apply a good moisturiser with a longer duration.

Don’t keep adjusting your dress

The common mistake, especially among young women, is to keep pulling the dress down because they get conscious. This ruins the entire look, attracts unnecessary attention, and detracts from the point of the dress, which is to show off your legs.

Do wear tights or leggings underneath

Wearing tights or leggings is an option if you don’t want to show off your legs in a short dress, or because it’s winter. Make sure to choose tights or leggings that are thinner and more subtle. Also, select solid-coloured tights or leggings that don’t clash with your short dress.

Gown for Hire by Borrow My Dress

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