Dress Rental Service: The Midnight Blue Dress

With new dresses or tops, midnight blue seems to be a colour that is spinning into a trend in fashion. Many seasonal dresses and tops have been coming out in this shade, even with dress rental service collections. Midnight blue is beginning to establish itself as the new black. 

What’s with midnight blue? 

Foremost, midnight blue is a complete change from just wearing plain black. Its dark shade also means it can be paired with other clothes and accessories of any colour. It has the same benefits of wearing black, including mixing and matching what you wear with it. This even includes accenting bold colours, especially on the bottom and with shoes. 

Will it look good with all skin tones? 

Lighter skin tones

For those with lighter skin tones, midnight blue can be worn plainly with no additions or in mix and match situations. Whether you’re blonde or brunette, you can wear midnight blue in a single colour or pair a midnight blue top with blue or black jeans, trousers, or shorts. You can add light coloured accessories such as a bag. 

Darker skin tones

For those with darker skin tones, midnight blue can be worn to add contrast with lighter coloured combinations or accessories. Warm colours like white, cream, or light green can make your midnight blue outfit stand out. For instance, you can wear a midnight blue top and pair it with warm cream trousers, or perhaps yellow heels, or just apply bold red lipstick with your outfit. You can pair your midnight blue dress with a cream jacket. 

Why spend so much on a new dress?

Instead of denting your budget over a single new dress, why not rent a whole lot of dress choices from a proven dress rental service such as Borrow My Dress. We provide a wide and diverse range of designer and rental clothing for all choices of work, events, and occasions. Call us today if you’re looking for a midnight blue dress. Just dial 0468996995 or you can visit https://gownforhire.com/.

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