Dress Rental Service: The White Dress

Brides aren’t the only ones who can wear a white dress. Anyone in any season can wear the ubiquitous white dress, be it winter, spring, summer, or autumn. While it’s nice to wear those colours and shades, occasionally it’s great to go out in a simple but elegant white dress. But instead of shopping around for one or two, why not get hold of a clothing or dress rental service (like Borrow My Dress) and rent a white dress for any occasion. 

The white dress is versatile

A white dress is so versatile it can be worn to any event and occasion. The white colour (or shade, as some would say) is so neutral that you can wear any design to any occasion. You can even wear it again to another event, and people won’t figure out that it’s the same dress you wore before!

If you’re returning to work at the office after months of working at home in your jammies, a white dress makes you look elegant and not too casual. A white dress can also be designed for any weather because white makes you feel cool in warm weather and keeps you warm in the cold.

Shoes and accessories

White is so easy to accessorize with. Many women seem to like wearing blue accessories with a white dress because the neutral shade accentuates the blue colour. As for shoes, what else but white shoes, white sandals, white heels, or anything white goes well with a white dress. You can also try light grey shoes or sandals of any type. 

Other white dress suggestions

  • Attending a wedding? Big or small, backyard or courthouse, a long white flowing dress is perfect. Or you can try a mini-skirted white dress.
  • For formal parties or events, try a white dress that exposes the shoulders, or a full white dress with a backless exposure.

Borrow My Dress

If you’re looking for a gown for hire or dress rental service for that perfect white dress, Borrow My Dress gives you a comprehensive and diverse collection to choose from. We have designer rental clothing and dresses ready for delivery anywhere in Australia. Call us now on 0468996995 or take a gander at our gallery on https://gownforhire.com/.

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