Planning to Rent a Dress for the Holidays? Here are Some Top Outfit Ideas to Celebrate the End of 2020

Finally, we are in the last stretch of the year! Indeed, it has been a long and arduous journey. Is it not only right that we end the year with a bang? Lockdowns and quarantine restrictions are slowly being lifted and, while going out with proper preventive measures is still the norm, there is no reason to stop ourselves from celebrating the holidays—safely, of course. Whether you are going out or staying in, there is always that question of what to wear. If you are not keen on buying a new outfit that suits the festive season, why not rent a dress?


Here are some ideas for your holiday festivities


Black off-shoulder dress


Black goes with almost any occasion and accessory, so it should come as no surprise why this is our first pick. To add more edge to your outfit, choose an off-shoulder dress. If you are not afraid to show some skin, then this is the one for you. Pair it with hoop earrings, a sparkly necklace, and high heels, and you are ready to greet the New Year!


Red party dress


Nothing says “Notice me!” more than a red party dress. It is bold. It is stunning. It is beautiful! Whether it comes in florals, patterns, or plaid, you are sure to have a whale of a time in your outfit. What goes with a red party dress, you ask? Red lipstick, of course! That classic red lipstick should complete your crimson Christmas look.


Satin dress


Satin dresses usually don’t come in lots of patterns, as the shimmer of its plain colour speaks for itself. Whether you choose pastel, nude, or more solid and bright colours, you can never go wrong with wearing satin at a party—not to mention a holiday get-together. It goes well with a jacket or sweater if you feel like you’re revealing too much skin. Don’t forget to finish your look with a red lip.


Rent a Dress at Borrow My Dress


We understand things have been tough this year. That is why we are offering something that doesn’t break the bank. Why buy a new holiday dress when you can rent one? Borrow My Dress at is a rent a dress service that caters to customers all over Australia. You can drop us a line or email us for our available dresses. You can also visit us Level 1, Suite 2, 519 King Georges Rd, Beverly Hills 2209 by appointments only.

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