Has the Pandemic Stopped Gown for Hire and Dress Rental Service in Its Tracks?

Far from it, now that lockdowns are easing all over the world. But when the coronavirus pandemic began, rental shops got shuttered, events got cancelled, diaries cleared, and those who could started working from home. Since everyone was holed up at home, there was no reason to rent clothes for events or the office.


Clothes rental service slowed

Many rental markets were looking forward to the prom season, the graduation months, and summer and spring when most weddings take place. And though lockdowns are easing, clothing rentals are still affected by people with hygiene concerns, events with only minimum numbers, and with many still skeptical to go out and mix it up.


Some rentals have attempted to convince people to rent outfits for important online video meetings with clients and top management, instead of just appearing in home clothes. This trend is picking up very slowly even as lockdowns are relaxing somewhat.


Handling the hygiene concerns

Clear hygiene and safety guidelines are essential since many customers will be worried about renting clothes that have been worn by other people. It is important to enquire about the clothing rental if they are dry cleaning the clothes themselves or at least directly managing the dry cleaning of all items. Enquire if all government guidelines are being followed about health protocols, including laundering rental garments at the highest possible temperature possible, since all viruses are killed at temperatures above 167 degrees.


The long-term future of clothing rental

The future of dress rental service and other gown and clothing rentals is certainly not dead. Still, it is very slowly getting up again now that lockdowns are easing and events are taking place again, albeit, with limited numbers in attendance. Gown for Hire by Borrow My Dress understands all this as well as your concerns when it comes to hygiene, safety, and your choice of clothes for any event and occasion. For your concerns and enquiries, click on our website, https://gownforhire.com/ and give us a call or message us. We’ll listen, and we can talk.