Rent a Dress and Learn How to Style a Lace Dress

Historically, lace, as we know it now, probably was discovered around the 16th Century and was probably first used as fishing and other animal nets before people began using it as dresses. However, instead of going out to buy a lace dress for an occasion, why not rent a lace dress not just for a single event, but for all occasions, including casual affairs. Styling a lace dress isn’t that hard, and its mixture of sophistication, versatility, and purity is enough to make you dress in one.

Fantastic for formal events

Whether you choose a V-neckline lace trim dress, off-shoulder mermaid lace gown, or lace Monaco gown, the lace dress for formal occasions is elegant and compliments all body types and shapes and will highlight sexy shoulders or curves.

Casual occasions

It can be a weekend brunch, casual mid-week dinner, or just meeting up with friends; the lace dress is the perfect option. You can pair your sneakers with the same coloured lace dress, or wear strappy heels. You can even add a hat for an accessory. 

Off to work

Lace isn’t as common as a work wardrobe, making it all the more sophisticated and perfect. For a more lace-corporate look, opt for a high neck dress with capped sleeves. You can wear your strappy or block heels and pair them with a softly-coloured trench coat if it’s cold outside.

Try out colours

Don’t be afraid to try out different bright coloured lace dresses for any event. You can go bold in a rich, lively colour like red or blue, or keep it classic with a subtle and neutral shade, like pink. Try out other selections like earth brown or light green.

Keep it simple

Lace dresses are a statement in itself, regardless of what heels or shoes you wear, or what coat or jacket you pair them with. Lace doesn’t need fussy accessories. About the only accessory you need with lace are your earrings. You can even try out a lace-covered handbag. Just make sure your bag or carry-on doesn’t clash with the lace dress colour.

Gown for Hire

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