Rent a Dress, Particularly, a Red Dress

The sexy red dress, even when conservatively designed, can still ooze out sexiness for any wearer. Of course, the “Red Dress Effect” has something to do with colour psychology. Red is a good colour for women because it represents confidence, energy, independence, and competence. So, if you’re all of this and more, the next time you rent a dress, make it a red one. 

Though red dresses were already being worn throughout history, Marilyn Monroe and Jane Russell made the red dress an icon in the 1953 film, Gentlemen Prefer Blondes. In 1957s Funny Face, Audrey Hepburn made the red dress an icon in a conservative way. Of course, Jessica Rabbit in 1988s Who Framed Roger Rabbit and Julia Roberts in the 1990 Pretty Woman raised the red dress to higher iconic levels. Goldie Hawn, Cher Horowitz, and Samantha Jones brought back the red sexiness, but in the 21st century, Emma Stone and Emilia Clarke epitomised the power of the red dress.

The red dress based on your complexion

Some will argue that red is a delicate colour and hard to pull off with different skin colours. Red goes well with darker skin tones. Pale skin makes red stand out shockingly, but sexy. Red looks great with brown and grey hair, but can look a bit harsh on blondes (but tell that to Marilyn Monroe and Emma Stone). Red contrasts with black hair except if the skin tone is dark.

But wear red based on your personality

In reality, anyone can wear red, regardless of skin tone and hair colour. That’s because there are different shades of red that you can base on your personality. That’s the beauty of red.

Wear red if you want to get noticed

Want to get noticed? Wear red! The psychology behind red simply states that men find women in red attractive, and red gives off personality traits such as power and confidence.

Red dress suggestions

You can choose a red dress based on the above or simply to suit the occasion. We have a few suggestions in your search for a red dress such as:

  • The off-shoulder party dress
  • The red maxi slip dress
  • Lace smock dress
  • Bardot lace dress
  • Princess Polly Playsuit
  • Fifth label midi dress
  • Boohoo cold shoulder dress
  • Lavish Alice Bandeau dress

Borrow My Dress

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