Rent a Dress Service Borrow My Dress: A Shortlist of our Top Five Fave Gowns

In this short article, expect gowns galore! While many of them are out there, we have chosen a few of our most-coveted types of gowns. Whether you are a size zero or plus-size, we have gown options to fit your body type and personal style.

Without further ado, here are our top five favourite gowns (in no particular order):

The Ball Gown

Who doesn’t love a ball gown? It’s voluminous, it’s poofy, and it makes you look like a modern version of a fairy tale princess! So if you are feeling regal, tall, and want to accentuate that waistline, this is the gown for you.

The Bustle Gown

The Bustle Gown is bold and beautiful. Its most distinctive feature is the added attachment of fabric on the back of the dress, which gives the gown volume at the back. Vintage is in, and you would not want to miss an opportunity to wear a bustle gown when you have the chance!

The Empire Waist Gown

If you think that ball gowns look regal, you will love the Empire Waist Gown. But unlike the ball gown, this has a higher waistline that appears to hide the belly. As a result, this gown looks great on pear-shaped and even pregnant women.

The Mermaid Gown

Like the ball gown, mermaid gowns highlight the hourglass curves and hips of the wearer. However, only the full skirt or trail is from the calves or knee-down, instead of the waist. These gowns are the go-to outfits for black-tie parties and formal galas.

The A-line Gown

The best thing about the A-line Gown is that it suits all shapes and sizes. Whatever body type you have, you can be sure that you feel comfortable wearing this gown, even with its fitted bodice. With its skirt flaring from the waist to the skirt hem, it creates the shape of the A. Hence, the name. If you are unsure which gown to wear for your next event, look for an A-line, and you’re good to go!

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