Rent, Wear, and Return a Designer Outfit at Borrow My Dress

Not everybody can afford to buy an expensive dress or gown, especially if they will only have to wear it for an occasion (e.g. weddings, high school formal, etc.) that may only happen once in a year.


Borrow My Dress is a clothing shop that has a vast collection of designer dresses. Displayed in their showroom consists of formal dresses and gowns. And if you think wearing the same dresses in a week has become redundant, renting a dress from Borrow My Dress is the best solution.

How does hiring a dress work for first-time renters?

Rent It

Take away the hassles of wasting and spending your time and money from buying expensive clothes just to satisfy yourself for a fresher look every day. Hiring your chosen dress to wear for a special occasion will solve your problem, especially if you want to save money and treasure your time.


All you have to do is choose from a lot of hand-picked designer dresses and gowns from Borrow My Dress. They also accept walk-in customers, or you can simply book your chosen outfit online. Our store also provides door-to-door delivery anywhere in Australia.


Wear It

Borrow My Dress assures that each rented dress is freshly laundered before delivering them to your doorstep. All you’ve got to do is wear it for an occasion you’ll be attending to, and you’re all good to go.


Return It

After using the dress, you don’t have to worry about dry cleaning after you’ve used it. Borrow My Dress will be the one to handle the dry cleaning. You just need to drop the rented dress back to their showroom, or you can drop it at your nearest Post Office or Yellow Express Postal Box in Australia.

Borrow My Dress is your convenient clothing store that offers rental dress service to any customers who need affordable designer dresses for hire in Australia. Visit and rent a dress today.

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