What to Wear During Job Interviews

Going in for a job interview is a serious matter. Not only do employers inspect your credentials, but they also examine your personality. They assess your characteristics based on how you carry yourself. And if you are confident enough, there is a chance that you could land the job. It is proven that just by wearing the perfect outfit, your self-confidence can increase. And when applying for a job, the term “dress to impress” is applicable.

Here is a list of suitable clothes fit for job interviews for women:

  • Neutral Colours

It is always suitable to wear clothes in neutral colours–shades from black to grey and white, and also light coloured earth tones. And if you decide to wear bright colours, make sure it compliments your blazer and pants as well as your personality.

  • Button-ups

When wearing button-ups or button-downs, the sleeves should always be rolled up to the elbows for it to appear neat.

  • Blazer combination

Dark coloured pants and a light blouse or button-downs are paired with a blazer that has the same colour and fabrics as your pants.

  • Business suits

If you already have one or decide to borrow from a friend, business suits are perfect, but you can only wear suits if the interview is in a formal setting.

  • Black Dress

You could never go wrong with a black dress, having a black dress is a must. You can wear it on almost any occasion, including job interviews–for as long as the skirt is not too short and too revealing.

  • Accessories

Wearing of jewellery should be minimised to one or two pieces only. Avoid wearing too many necklaces. On top of that, wear minimal cosmetics/makeup.

There are many types of clothes you can rummage through your closet that are appropriate to wear for job interviews. But if you can’t find one, consider trying to rent a dress. Or visit us at https://gownforhire.com/shop/.

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